Alright, choosing wine for yourself can be a lot of work, but choosing & entertaining for other people, too? Fa-getta-bout-it! Just kidding I can (try to) help. Wine can elevate the menu at a dinner party, start a conversation between strangers, & also create lasting connections in terms of taste (& I don’t just mean with flavor either). Learning how to create an experience with it should be fun, not stressful. So, let’s learn a few ways to do that together!

I’ll be honest, I’m not quite to the “picking wine for others” stage yet, & frankly, I’m not sure if I ever will be (people go to school for that stuff guys). BUT what I can do is help us with some etiquette tips & serving techniques that will make us look like we actually know what we’re doing in front of our party guests. It’s all about creating an experience, right?

Here they are. The next time you’re hosting, remember:

Temperature is key.

Stems are there for a reason.

Just smell it.

Keep it clean.

Glass matters.

Pink & White (15).jpg

Portion control is real.

Decanting can lead to new aromas.

So, who feels confident enough to serve wine at a dinner party yet? Me either, but hey, the first time is never the smoothest. We’re all still learning, right? At least now I know some hacks to overshadow all the other blunders I might make. As far as the wine menu goes, don’t stress. If you like it, it’s worth sharing with friends! & If they don’t like it, keep in mind, not everyone can have your good taste

Until next time, fellow newbies!

Bailey Morris, Marketing/ Gift Shop