Our Barrel Room, Cellar Room, & Member’s Pavilion, all have barrels lining the walls. I’m sure you’ve noticed on any visit the beautiful aesthetic they add to our property… but did you know they’re functional, as well? That’s right. Those barrels are all full of aging wine. Notice the cooler temperatures in those rooms, too? Yep— For the benefit of the wine! As someone pretty new to wine myself, when I first saw these barrels, I was amazed to find out they were actually developing to a finish all around me— but I thought that was all wine. Nope! It’s actually a strategy winemaker’s use to enhance different flavors & tannin levels in their wine.

So, because they can play such a big role in winemaking, I thought it would be helpful to give a few fun facts about barrels & how they relate to the wine process.

1.       Oak is toasted before being used to age wine.

2. Oak from different regions can change the end result of the wine.

2.       There is a difference between New & Old Oak.

3.       Barrel size matters.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of the influence oak can bring to the wine you’re drinking. Even having no influence (“Not oaked” on a wine profile) plays a role in your wine! Essentially, knowing this information can be useful the next time you’re tasting wine. Those wine profiles I mentioned are available for all of our wines on this very website, & should be available in some form or another at any winery you visit, as well. If you decide you want a lighter wine or a certain flavor profile you’re looking for, now you know what to avoid or actually pay attention to. You’re welcome!

Bailey Morris, Marketing/ Gift Shop