Summer is the quintessential time to dive into the diverse and refreshing flavors of wine. At Wiens Cellars, we’ve carefully selected a range of wines that are tailor-made for the season’s warmth and your cherished summertime activities. Whether you’re lounging by the ocean, hosting a lively backyard barbecue, or simply enjoying a serene sunset, our wines are designed to enhance these moments. Embrace the spirit of summer with wines that elevate every occasion—from the casual to the sophisticated. Explore our top picks and discover your ideal summer pairing, ensuring each sip is as memorable as the season’s fleeting moments.

2023 Reunion Blanc: The Perfect Picnic Companion

  • Wine Profile: Our 2023 Reunion Blanc is a vibrant, refreshing wine that bursts with aromatic intensity, featuring notes that are perfect for summer. Its crispness and freshness make it ideal for warm weather.
  • Daytime Activity: Enjoy a leisurely afternoon picnic in the park. This wine pairs wonderfully with light fare such as cold roast chicken or a summer vegetable quiche, cutting through the richness with its zesty profile.
  • Nighttime Activity: Host an elegant evening garden party. The floral and citrus notes of our Reunion Blanc complement lighter dishes like grilled fish or a citrus salad, enhancing the ambiance with its lively flavors.

2019 Dolcetto: Your Go-To Grill Partner

  • Wine Profile: This Dolcetto features a light to medium body and bright acidity, infused with flavors of red cherry and a subtle earthiness.
  • Daytime Activity: Perfect for a backyard barbecue, this wine pairs exceptionally well with grilled sausages, burgers, or barbecued ribs, enhancing the flavors with its fruity and slightly earthy notes.
  • Nighttime Activity: Organize a casual outdoor movie night, serving Dolcetto with gourmet pizza or grilled vegetable paninis, creating a relaxed yet flavorful dining experience.

2020 San Ignacio Cabernet Sauvignon: Elegant Evenings

  • Wine Profile: Robust and sophisticated, this Cabernet Sauvignon is layered with dark fruit and spice, offering a sippable complexity.
  • Daytime Activity: Serve at a sophisticated brunch where the wine can complement dishes like a savory beef tenderloin salad or a rich chocolate torte.
  • Nighttime Activity: Ideal for an upscale dinner under the stars, pairing beautifully with grilled lamb chops, roasted duck, or a decadent chocolate dessert, where its robust profile elevates the meal.

Blanc de Blancs: Celebratory Sparkle

  • Wine Profile: Characterized by its brightness and effervescence, Blanc de Blancs features crisp apple and citrus notes, making it a refreshing choice.
  • Daytime Activity: Perfect for brunch gatherings, this sparkling wine shines alongside fresh seafood dishes or a light, fruit-driven dessert.
  • Nighttime Activity: Celebrate special summer evenings with a toast of Blanc de Blancs, ideal for enhancing celebrations or serving as an aperitif at a classy cocktail event.

2019 Tempranillo: Flavorful and Festive

  • Wine Profile: This lively Tempranillo is fruity with prominent notes of plum and tobacco, providing a rustic yet smooth drinking experience.
  • Daytime Activity: Bring this wine to a summer festival or outdoor concert, pairing with a variety of tapas like chorizo, olives, and Manchego cheese, matching the festive atmosphere.
  • Nighttime Activity: Enjoy during a lively dinner party, where its versatility complements a wide range of dishes from paella to grilled meats, adding a touch of Spanish flair.

2022 Pink Crowded: Fun and Fruity

  • Wine Profile: Pink Crowded is a playful rosé with delightful hints of strawberry and watermelon, making it perfect for hot summer days.
  • Daytime Activity: Ideal for beach or poolside relaxation, this rosé matches well with summer salads, grilled shrimp, or simply enjoyed on its own as a refreshing sipper.
  • Nighttime Activity: Host a sunset viewing party, where the light, fruity flavors of Pink Crowded complement light appetizers or fresh fruit desserts, enhancing the visual and sensory pleasure of the evening.

Enhancing Your Summer Wine Selection: Key Tips and Tricks

  1. Choosing the Right Wine
    • Assess the Occasion: Different settings call for different wines. Opt for light, refreshing wines like a crisp Vermentino or a playful Pink Crowded rosé for daytime garden parties. For more formal evening dinners, richer wines such as a deep Tempranillo or an elegant San Ignacio Cabernet Sauvignon are more suitable.
    • Complement the Cuisine: Align your wine choices with your menu to enhance both the meal and the wine. Light seafood and salads pair beautifully with whites and rosés, while hearty grilled meats and rich desserts are complemented by fuller-bodied reds.
    • Mood Matters: The wine should match the overall vibe of the event. A lively Blanc de Blancs might be perfect for a celebratory toast, whereas a smooth Dolcetto could be ideal for relaxing with close friends.
  1. Serving Suggestions
    • Temperature Perfection: Chill white wines and rosés to about 50°F to highlight their crispness and acidity. Serve red wines slightly cooler than room temperature, around 65°F, to keep the flavors vibrant without being dulled by the heat.
    • Glassware Essentials: Enhance the wine’s characteristics with the right glass. Use taller, narrower glasses for sparkling wines to concentrate the bubbles and aromas, while broader glasses are better for reds to allow ample aeration.
    • Refreshing Presentation: Maintain the ideal temperature of wines during outdoor events by using stylish ice buckets or insulated wine holders, ensuring each glass poured is as refreshing as intended.
  1. Bonus Tips: Adding an Educational Component
    • Wine Facts: Provide small cards or a menu insert with fun facts about each wine being served—its origin, grape varieties, and any unique aspects of its production. This not only educates but also sparks conversation among guests.
    • Guided Tasting: If hosting a more intimate gathering, consider doing a brief guided tasting. Discuss the sensory aspects of each wine as you serve them—color, aroma, taste, and finish—and how they complement the selected food pairings.
    • Interactive Elements: Set up a tasting station where guests can blend their own wine from single-varietal options you provide. This hands-on activity not only educates but also makes the wine experience more memorable and personalized.


Discover the essence of summer with Wiens Cellars’ carefully chosen wine selection. Whether you’re planning a serene evening or an exuberant celebration, our wines are crafted to enhance each experience with their ideal balance of flavor and freshness. Explore our diverse offerings and find the perfect complement for any summer occasion, ensuring a memorable season with wines that perfectly match your events.