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January 2020

Winemaker's Select Club

2 Bottles of 2017 Reserve Merlot

Our 2017 Reserve Merlot overflows with a complex, yet inviting breadth of aromas and flavors, showcasing an interplay
of raspberry and acai top notes, balanced by deep notes of cedar, dark roast coffee and star anise, all incased in a
strong, yet opulent tannin structure.

Since our first vintage in 2001, we've been fighting the "Merlot stigma" by proving that this noble French varietal can meet
and even exceed Cabernet Sauvignon's level of depth and intensity.  We farm our Reserve Merlot vineyards with the
same attention to detail afforded to all of our Reserve Cabernet vineyards, allowing us to produce small, thick-skinned
berries that ferment into an incredibly bold wine.  We match the fruit with an equally focused oak program, by aging for
19 months in our best French and American oak barrels, creating a finished wine that stands shoulder to shoulder with
any of our finest Reserves.

Pair with Grilled Rib Eye, Roasted Marrow, Braised Short Ribs

$152 plus tax and shipping

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December 2019

Big Reds Club

2 Bottles 2017 Dos Melodias

$73.60 plus taxes and shipping

Mixed Club

1 Bottle 2017 Dos Melodias
1 Bottle 2018 Fume Blanc
1 Bottle Amour De L'Orange

$84.80 plus taxes and shipping


2017 Dos Melodias -
Like two beautiful melodies, this wine blends the opulent, dark fruit notes of Petite Sirah with the earthy, spicy notes of Tempranillo
creating a decadently harmonious wine.   
We started making this blend in 2005 with the less romantic, more direct name: Tempranillo-Petite Sirah.  While we
changed the name, the blend remains the same blend of Tempranillo and Petite Sirah.  Both varieties are very different,
but come together incredibly harmoniously in this blend.  The Petite Sirah comes from our Sage vineyard, while the
Tempranillo is grown in La Cresta.  Both vineyards are higher in elevation, and aren't as fertile as the valley floor, meaning
less production, but more body and tannin in the finished wine.

2018 Fume Blanc -

Citrus Zest, Tropical Fruit, Lemongrass, Vanilla
The aromatics of Sauvignon Blanc in particular change significantly throughout the ripening process, so in order to
attempt to capture the full range of aromatic potential, we harvest our Sauvignon Blanc in two lots.  The first is harvested
slightly under-ripe at 19 brix, fermenting out to give top notes of lemon grass and green pepper, while the second lot is
harvested a little over-ripe at 24 brix, giving us notes of ripe apricot and pineapple.  When the two lots are blended back
together, they balance each other out perfectly.  Lightly oaking enchances the nose by adding some creamy vanilla notes,
while rounding out the palate, giving the finished wine a little more weight.  

Amour De L'Orange - Champagne with a fun orange twist

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