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September 2019

Winemaker's Select Club

2 Bottles of 2017 Grand Rouge

Roughly translating to “Big Reds House,” our Chateau Grand Rouge is crafted from Reserve lots to showcase the best attributes of each variety in this proprietary Bordeaux-style blend. Generous berry notes from the fruit, spice and toasted accents from select barrels, and supple tannins from extended oak aging exemplify the highest echelon of our “Big Reds” winemaking.
Our 2017 Grand Rouge follows the same tradition of being a Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc blend, aged in American oak, however this vintage includes Kriel and San Ignacio Cabernet, giving it a step up as far as body and concentration, making this vintage very age worthy.
Pair with grilled premium cuts of beef, osso bucco, braised short ribs

$200 plus tax and shipping

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Nov 6: Next Wine Club Release

August 2019

Big Reds Club

2 Bottles 2017 Barbera

$68.80 plus taxes and shipping

Mixed Club

1 Bottle 2017 Barbera
1 Bottle 2018 Pinot Grigio
1 Bottle Amour De L'Orange

$80.80 plus taxes and shipping


2017 Barbera - Empress Plum, Rose Petal, Cinnamon, Bright Acidity
Barbera is one of the few red varieties that maintain acidity in the berry while ripening in our warm climate.  This allows for the finished wine to have enough acid to pair very nicley with tomato based dishes.

2018 Pinot Grigio - Pear, Honey, Orange Blosom, Bright Acidity, Refreshing Finish
Our Pinot Grigio is grown in La Cresta, where we see cooler nights, allowing the grapes to maintain crisp acidity.  The wine was bottled very soon after fermentation to retain it's complex aromatic profile that would otherwise fade if not bottled early.  

Amour De L'Orange - Champagne with a fun orange twist

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August 1:  Payments Charged
August 5: Shipments Sent
August 7: Will-Call Released
September 16: Unclaimed Will-Call Sent
October 9: Next Reds/Mixed Wine Club Release