Current Club Release

July 2019

Winemaker's Select Club

2 Bottles of 2016 Reserve Syrah

Heady aromas of black plum and roasted rosemary greet the senses, unfolding into complex layers of dark fruit, coffee, and vanilla bean, laying softly over finely textured tannins on the finish.
Our 2016 Syrah is primarily from our La Cresta Syrah vineyard, with some Petite Sirah added to bump up the complexity and body.  We decided to age this vintage in 100% French oak, to allow for softer, more integrated tannin, and less smokey notes typical of American oak.
Pair with rosemary roasted lamb chops, grilled filet mignon, or confit duck     

$136 plus tax and shipping

Important Dates:

July 8: Shipments Sent 
July 10: Will-Call Packages Released Appointments available 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, & 3:00 pm
Aug. 19: Unclaimed Will-Call Packages Sent 
Sept 11: Next Wine Club Release

June 2019

Big Reds Club

2 Bottles 2017 Dualis

$72.00 plus taxes and shipping

Mixed Club

1 Bottle 2017 Dualis
1 Bottle 2017 Roussanne
1 Bottle Amour De L'Orange

$80.80 plus taxes and shipping


2017 Dualis - Latin for "dual", our 2017 Dualis combines two big reds, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon, with each variety lending its own qualities and dimensions to this unique blend. Zinfandel brings rich, dark fruit character with a hint of black pepper spice, complemented by the more substantial Cabernet Sauvignon with red fruit notes and firm tannin structure.  This wine drinks very enjoyably now, yet will age gracefully in the cellar for several years.

2017 Roussannne - Meyer Lemon, Pineapple, Minerality, Medium Bodied, Crisp Finish

Amour De L'Orange - Champagne with a fun orange twist

Important Dates:

June 3:  Payments Charged
June 10: Shipments Sent
June 12: Will-Call Released
July 22: Unclaimed Will-Call Sent
August 7: Next Reds/Mixed Wine Club Release