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An Objective View on “First-Look Photos” By Lauren-Michele

So many long-held traditions are seemingly going the way of land-line phones and typewriters. One of the newer options a couple needs to decide is whether or not they will have a First Look photo session. It all boils down to “will you be seeing each other before the ceremony?”We always ask this question during our consultation with the Bride and Groom, and always…they look at one another and sigh. “What do YOU want to do?” It is not an easy decision to make. Do they honor the age-old tradition of not seeing each other before the Ceremony… or not?

Couples are now being offered the opportunity of having First Look photo sessions with their photographer. It is a relatively new concept and one to which many couples are turning. The Bride and Groom are taken to a beautiful, scenic spot. The Groom’s eyes are closed. He turns to look at his radiant Bride, and the moment is captured in photos forever. There is no question there are great benefits to this approach. Because you will be relaxed and unhurried, your “romantics” (photos) will be much more romantic. You will have more time for your photographer to pose you. Because these photos are taken early before the Ceremony, you will have more time to spend with your guests at the reception. Your photographer will be doing cartwheels because she/he will have more time to capture those sweet moments perfectly.

And then…there are those who want to remain loyal to the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. This can be a cultural or religious choice or simply a matter of personal preference. If this is the way you want to go, do not be swayed from your position. But do be sure to allow ample time between the end of your ceremony and the beginning of your reception to get your “romantics,” and family photos as well. A big factor to keep in mind is the time of sunset on your wedding day. It’s important you, your photographer and your Officiant work out a schedule that will provide ample time for your ceremony, give you the photos you want, and give your photographer enough available light to shoot everything without being too rushed.

There is also a compromise. “The First Peek Photo.” Before the ceremony, the Bride and Groom are separated by a door or a wall and can hold hands. They do not actually “see each other,” but have a moment touch each other’s hand, and to utter those last words before they become husband and wife. As Officiants, we are blessed to be in the position of standing near the Groom as the Bride walks down the aisle. Regardless if there is a First Look or not, we can guarantee when he sees his beautiful Bride walking down the aisle, he will still be swept away with tender emotion. No matter what you choose, there is no right or wrong answer. Go with whatever feels best to the both of you, and celebrate your Day!


Kenneth Ray Seals Photography

~Happiness always from Two Rings and A Kiss~

Finding An Officiant You Can Trust- By Lauren-Michele

In today’s world, so many of our choices are based upon Reviews. Movies, restaurants, clothing choices – – how many “stars” so they have shinning on them?

If a Couple will not be marrying in a church, many are turning to social media to find good Officiants in their area. Wedding Wire, The Knot, Wedding Chicks are just a few of the major Wedding websites that can offer a good selection of Officiants in your area. But just because they are listed, doesn’t mean that they will be your best choice. Be sure to read their reviews, and go back a few pages to see if their reviews have been consistent for the past several years.

Another good way to find your Officiant is to pay close attention to your venue’s Preferred Vendor List. Your venue coordinator knows the people who are familiar with the venue, will do a great job, and make the Wedding Day easy for the Couple AND the venue. Pay close attention to the Officiants on the list. It means they are properly credentialed, will know the physical layout of your venue, and will work well with your Wedding Team members.

Today, many people are choosing to use a friend or relative to act as an Officiant. It’s always wonderful to include family in any capacity for your Wedding. But be sure to choose someone who is mature, well-spoken, and will do all of the preliminary, mandatory leg-work to make sure you have a legal and flawless Wedding Ceremony. This is one job where the preparation cannot be left to the last minute. It takes time to put all of the wheels properly in motion.

He or she needs to be sure they are properly credentialed for your marriage to be legal. They need to be able to create a wedding ceremony script (complete with stage direction cues for photographer, videographer, musicians or DJ). They should be prepared if something goes a bit amiss like a run-away ring bearer, or Dad accidentally stepping on the Bride’s veil. And lastly, they should understand California law when filling out the Marriage License to make sure this important legal document will not be rejected or require an amendment when it is filed with the County for recording.

At Two Rings and A Kiss, we not only offer Wedding Ceremonies that are reflective of the love of the Bride and Groom, but we also offer an “Officiant Guidance Package” service for the friend or family member that will be conducting your Ceremony. It helps to insure that you will have a professionally written Ceremony and all legalities will be covered. With every good wish for a lifetime of happiness!


Lauren and Karon from Two Rings and A Kiss

A DIY Tutorial From Soirees & Showers Stationary: Wax Seals for Your Invitations

The best thing about getting married is sharing the big day with your family and friends— But half the fun is the preparation and personalization, right? Below you will find a step-by-step guide to make personalized wax seals.

Ashley Bee Photography

Ashley Bee Photography

Ashley Bee Photography

Ashley Bee Photography

Ashley Bee Photography

Ashley Bee Photography

For this project you will need a few things before you can get started. Plan on the project taking a few hours.

Item 1: Wax Heat Gun
This is the same thing as a hot glue gun. It needs to be new and have never had hot glue run through it. It also needs to be the kind that fits the thicker glue sticks through. Approximately ½ inch sticks in diameter.

Item 2: Sealing Wax Sticks
Simply order the color of wax you need. is a good source to order it from.

Item3: Wax Seal Stamp
This is a metal or wood stamp that you will imprint into the wax. You can get a custom design made or an ornamental initial. is also a good source to order your Wax Seal Stamp. You can also get custom ones made on as well.

Item4: Wax Paper

Item5: Large Zots
These are small glue dot adhesives. They are very sticky and adhere to the back of the wax seal and stick to the envelope. You can find them at Michael’s, Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby.

Ashley Bee Photography

Ashley Bee Photography

Step by step:
• Get your wax heat gun and plug it in. Let is get hot for about two minutes.
• Stick a sealing wax stick into the wax heat gun.
• Squeeze the heat gun handle and drip out the wax the size of a dime onto a piece of wax paper.
• Press the stamp into the center of the hot wax.
• Hold it in place without picking up the stamp for 20 seconds each.
• Continue making as many wax seals, as you need.
• Let them dry completely.
• Once they are dry adhere them to the back flap of the envelope with one large adhesive zot.

There are tons of different ways to get creative and make your big day feel unique. Here are some tips when making your custom wax seals.
Tip 1: Press the stamp right into the center of the wax to make it symmetrical and centered.
Tip 2: I suggest not sealing the wax directly onto the invitation. It can cause seepage,(where the wax can sometimes seep through the envelope onto your invitation).
Tip 3: Using a wax heat gun and wax seal sticks is the new modern way to create a wax seal. The old way with a wax stick, spoon, and a wick takes much longer and can create more of a mess.
Tip 4: One wax stick can create 8-12 wax seals. So plan accordingly when ordering your wax.
Tip 5: Holding the stamp into the wax seal for 20 seconds each helps the seal to stay flat and not curl.
Tip 6: muy importante
When mailing a letter with a wax seal, you will need to go to a post office, speak to someone behind the counter, and request the letter be post dated by hand. The service is about what it sounds like. The letter will be “hand postmarked” by a person and sorted manually, not sent through machinery. The USPS machinery can damage or crack the wax seal.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy creating beautiful wax seals for your wedding invitations.

Kristi Osborn / Owner
Soirees & Showers Stationery
Instagram: SoireesNShowers

Photos by: Ashley Bee Photography

Do us a favor and check out some of our favorite wedding keepsakes…

These goodie bags were such a great idea for a couple’s favor; a mini bottle of red and white wine with some midnight snacks. It pairs perfectly with the winery themed wedding this couple was going for! Did you know we sell mini sampler packs? These mini bottles would be a great idea for favors or name cards and it’s our wine so you can’t go wrong!


Wiens Family Cellars

Seed packets are a great favor idea for spring or summer weddings and perfect for the couple that likes to go green. How fun would it be to watch seeds bloom into beautiful flowers and be reminded of such a special day!


Tara Seiling Photo

Looking for a fun wedding favor? Customized drink koozies are perfect for the wedding night and after party! The bride and grooms name, date and monogram can be added to these keepsakes. Koozies are a practical gift for guests who enjoy celebrating with a cold one!


Valerie Ronin Photography

We love when brides and grooms spend the time to craft their own personalized favors. This couple made their own candle holders and “Bizzle” blend candle. Guests will be able to enjoy this homemade gift for months to come and be reminded of the special day they shared with the bride and groom.


Janet Rayne Photography

Looking for a saucy wedding favor? This couple provided mini bottles of Tapatio Hot Sauce and it was a hot hit! Incorporating something that you like as a couple is going to make it a more memorable wedding gift.


Shutter Styles Photography

Cheers, Christine 

Helpful Tips for Your Perfect Engagement Photo Shoot

~Have the photographer that will be shooting your wedding also shoot your engagement session. Photographers may include an engagement sessions in their photography packages or offer discounted rates. This will also allow you and your partner to get comfortable in front of the camera, and create chemistry with your photographer for your wedding day.
~Choose a place that is significant to your relationship and is cohesive to your wedding. This is especially important if you will be using your engagement session photographs for your save the date card. The save the date card is the first piece of information your guests will receive and will set the tone for your entire wedding. If you are getting married on the beach, maybe re-think your desert city site for engagement photos.
~ Hire a professional for hair and makeup. If you look as beautiful as you feel on the inside that will translate into your photographs. It will not only boost your confidence, but give your photographs a polished touch. Yes, grooms as well! A little makeup never hurt a man to cover a blemish or even out skin tone.
~ Bring multiple outfits. This will add an element of variety to your engagement photographs. You may bring your favorite dress, but when you see it in a photograph, your little black dress may set the mood a bit better. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer what type of clothing will photograph best in your engagement setting. They have seen it all! Photographers will often recommend you to stay away from busy prints and super bright colors.
~Bring props. If the two of you met while his band was playing, be sure to have your groom bring his guitar to the engagement session. This may also be a great time to bring a thank you sign along. Your actual wedding day may be a little chaotic, this will make sure that you have a great photograph for your thank you cards.
~Have fun with it, and pretend like nobody is watching! The two of you fell in love due to your natural chemistry for one another, and that will shine through in photographs. Trust me, the camera can tell if your uncomfortable or forcing a smile!
In Conclusion, come prepared, make it your own, and don’t be afraid to have fun and be flirty!

Let Love Sparkle,





February Boho Glam Tasting Dinner

We are excited to share with you some gorgeous photos by Jenna Joseph Photography from our tasting dinner we hosted last month! Every couple of months we host a tasting dinner where couples that have booked their wedding here at Wiens Family Cellars come taste and choose their menu and most importantly get a sneak peek of how an event runs. With 100+ weddings a year each wedding is unique and it’s important we customize each wedding to fit the couple’s needs. Chef Volker from Vineyard Gourmet Catering carefully pairs our wine with the dishes and speaks about each course. Our theme this month was Boho Glam so we went all out including a henna artist, photo booth and some delicious rock candy cupcakes!

View More:

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We want to thank all the amazing, hardworking vendors that helped put on such a great event!

View More:

Florals: Sweet Pea Floral Creations

Cupcakes: Cakes to Celebrate

Photo booth: Captured Photo & Video Booth

Entertainment: Henna Designs by Lindsay

Menus: Soiree & Showers

Hair & Make Up: Domenica Beauty

Photography: Jenna Joseph Photography



You’re Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations! We know how exciting getting engaged is and are super happy  for you! But once the excitement wears off, you may start to feel stressed and not know what to do next. Well here are the top five things to do first to help relieve the stress and prioritize what is important!

1. Create your budget. This is hands down the first step that needs to happen. It doesn’t matter what dress you want or where your reception will be if you don’t know whether you can afford it or not. Sit down with whoever will be helping to pay for the wedding and figure out what you will have to work with. Find out what are the most desired things you and your fiancé want for your wedding and prioritize them by importance. A great place to get help with your wedding budget is:

2. Create a rough draft of your guest list. You will need to know what size your wedding will be before you can book your venue. You may need to downsize your guest list later depending on budget and venue accommodations so be ready to cut guests if necessary.

3. Pick a date. Or rather a range of dates. Be ready to be flexible with your date if the venue or specific vendors are a priority. If you are not flexible with your date, you may have a harder time getting the venue and/or vendors you want for your wedding if they’re already booked.

4. Choose your venue. Make sure to do enough research beforehand to ensure the venues you like fit in your budget. Narrow your favorites down and set up venue tours to view in person. Bring this checklist with you so you ask the right questions when touring.

5. Once you have booked your venue and have your date, start hiring your vendors starting with your wedding planner. They will be able to help guide you when hiring your vendors and help with vendor contracts. Your venue may also give you a vendor list which may be very helpful when searching for vendors.

Once you have these five things done, the rest will be a piece of cake!


Reserve Zinfandel & Chocolate Dinner

Love was in the air this weekend for our Reserve Zinfandel and Chocolate dinner! Guests enjoyed a four course chocolate infused dinner paired with 4 years of Reserve Zinfandel and Primitivo vintages.

WP_20160213_17_20_56_Pro WP_20160213_17_39_49_Pro WP_20160213_17_42_42_Pro

WP_20160213_17_43_09_Pro WP_20160213_17_45_54_Pro

Beautiful and lush centerpieces, romantic candle light and mood setting up lighting made for an ideal date night! When we say chocolate infused, chef Volker with Vineyard Gourmet Catering did not spare any expense, even the Valrhona Noisette mashed potatoes were pure ecstasy! We hope those that attended had an unforgettable evening! Check out the rest of the mouth watering menu below…

2010 Reserve Zinfandel Paired with Belgian Cocoa Dusted Petite Rack of Lamb, Ancho Chocolate Mole with Barry Callebaut 100% Cocoa, Herbed Risotto Cake and Micro Thyme


2011 Reserve Primitivo Paired with Santa Barbara Winter Artisan Lettuces, Primitivo Soaked Dark Cherries, Cocoa Nib Dusted Walnuts, Bresaola, and Ecuadorian Chocolate Balsamic Dressing


2012 Reserve Zinfandel Paired with a Center Cut Rib Eye Medallion, Chocolate and Zinfandel Laced Compound Butter, Yukon Gold and Valrhona Noisette Mashed Potatoes with Grilled Asparagus


2013 Reserve Zinfandel Paired with Coffee and Peruvian Dark Chocolate Tiramisu, Mascarpone, Illy Espresso and Cognac Dipped Ladyfingers, Ibarra Chocolate Mexicano Sauce, and Chocolate Shavings


Our next wine paired dinner is April 8th and are the highly popular Crowded wines! Tickets are on sale now here:


Christine Ivey

Enlighten Bridal Workshop

Wiens Family Cellars is excited to be hosting the 3rd annual Enlighten Bridal Workshop! This jam packed workshop designed to better inform couples, aiding in better wedding decisions! Meet wedding pros that will be guiding you to a stress free wedding day….

Jennifer Paulson of Soiree Design and Events
Topic: How to Create a Cohesive Design


Domenica Prestininzi of Domenica Beauty Topic: Wedding Day Hair and Makeup – Styling for the Camera


Erika Beach of Paper Villa
Topic: Invitation Etiquette, Trends and How to Incorporate Paper Detail Into Your Wedding


Mike Carroll of C Squared Events
Topic: How to Choose the Best DJ For You


Michelle Garibay of Michelle Garibay Events
Topic: Creating a Realistic Wedding Budget


Leah Faddis and Marcella Caldwell of Leah Marie Photography
Topic: Finding the ONE: Everything you Need to Know About Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer


Erica Ryberg of Wiens Family Cellars Weddings
Topic: Questions to Ask While Venue Shopping


Kelsey Smith of Kelsey Rae Designs
Topic: Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Coordinator – What’s the Difference?


Cherish and Lindsey Conklin of Le Reve Productions
Topic: What You Need to Know When Hiring a Videographer


and BONUS – 2016 Wedding Trends


Enlighten Bridal Workshop
When: Sunday March 6th From 10 AM to 1:30 PM
Where: Wiens Family Cellars Winery
What’s Included: Mimosa Bar, Brunch Bites, and One on One with the Pros
We look forward to seeing you there, get your tickets today!
Let Love Sparkle,

Erica Ryberg

Wiens Family Cellars and Four Things Paper Calligraphy Class

We hosted Loren James of Four Things Calligraphy for a Calligraphy Class here on February 4th in our Cellar Room. Guests enjoyed scrumptious light bites and our sparkling wines while Loren showed everyone the basics of the art of calligraphy. It was a very informative evening and guests left with the tools to start a new practice! If you’re interested in future classes, hand-lettered paper goods, and a lot of other amazingness check out

View More: View More: View More:

View More: View More: View More:

View More: View More: View More:

View More: View More: View More:

Photos by Leah Marie Photography


2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends

Look out! 2016 is in full swing and with a new year comes new wedding trends. So we hope you all had an eventful year and for those of you getting married in 2016 we would love to share with you some of our predictions we foresee for top wedding trends.

Station and Cocktail Receptions

Couples want to do whatever it takes to make their wedding a party and are straying from formalities. A sit down dinner is not mandatory so stations are becoming more unique. Carts filled with appetizers, desserts and gourmet cuisine can be utilized to bring the feeling of cocktail hour throughout the entire reception. How about pairing these mini portions with your favorite go-to cocktail? Our Wiens craft beer is going to pair perfectly with our Grilled Angus Beef & Roquefort Slider on a Pretzel Roll with Roasted Garlic Aioli or a glass of our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a Cabernet Chipotle Smoked Salmon Bruschetta with Red Onion, Caper, and Whipped Dill Cream Cheese. Yum!


Jewel Tones

Deep jewel tones are in and fluffy light colors are out. Jewel tones can work for every season for an indoor or outdoor wedding. Whether you incorporate deep burgundy’s or purples into your bouquets or decide to just have a pop of color by wearing a navy blue heel don’t be afraid of these deep jewel tone colors! These accents will make any wedding décor pop with color.

Live Music

No one likes an empty dance floor. A live musician can enhance what a DJ brings to a reception and couples want to give their guests an experience they have never had before at a wedding. Guests will enjoy being surprised that they are hearing something different. From gospel choirs, to string quartets, to a karaoke set up that will keep the party going late night; don’t be afraid to hire unique musical acts for your wedding.


Mismatched Flower Holders

No more mason jars. Period. If you are trying to achieve a more rustic look mismatched flower holders are the way to go. Using pieces from antique stores is going to keep the rustic vibe and provide your tables with some vintage flare. Include mercury glass and pair it with richer textiles or fixtures that have less burlap and more sparkle. Keep your mason jars for canning tomatoes but keep them off your reception tables.

Hisnher Photo

Hisnher Photo

Metallic Madness

Let us end the use of glitter. When you use glitter for your wedding it will stick to everything and be a part of the next 365 weddings. There are other ways to add sparkle and bling to your wedding. Metallic colors can work for the modern or casual wedding and are a great way to add color. Incorporate foil printing into your invitations or menus. This won’t leave people trying to wash glitter off their hands for the next 20 minutes. Mixed matched metallic color palettes are the newest trend and we have now accepting that you can mix your gold and silver décor. Rose gold and copper are going to be two of the most requested shades for the new year. We want to see more gilded metallic cakes and less of that edible glitter that isn’t so hot when you have it all over your face.

Eden Day Photo

Eden Day Photo

Calligraphy Creativity

Calligraphy is going to be everywhere this year! Whether you are planning a more traditional, vintage or modern wedding, calligraphy has a wide array of styles. It’s not just being used for invitations or envelopes, incorporate it elsewhere like favor tags, seating charts, or even laser cut wedding cake toppers. A favorite poem or special quote can be inscribed on your wedding cake or paper runner for your sweetheart table. If you are going to try to attempt calligraphy be realistic… You are going to have your hands full so go ahead and diy the table names but save the 200 place cards for a professional like Loren James of Four Things Paper and Design.



Christine Ivey